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Boomer Women Speak
The fastest growing site for baby boomer women on the Web. The place for baby boomer women to encourage, connect, and support one another online. Boomer Women Speak’s (BWS) mission is to encourage, connect, and support baby boomer women.

The Cool Grandma website is for people of all ages, seniors, parents, their children, and anyone else who is inspired by the boundless limits of the web. Our mission is to empower the online senior community and have fun doing it!

Grandma Betty
The starting point for Baby Boomers and Seniors. Over 1,000 Info Sources and Products for Baby Boomers and Seniors.

Red Hat Society
The Red Hat Society is a social organization where there is fun after fifty (and before) for women of all walks of life.

Senior Women Web
We are women over fifty years old. We’ve fashioned this site in an attempt to reflect women’s issues and concerns. We also hope it reflects those two most compelling relationships, that of community and connectivity.

Women’s Menopause Health Center
Specializing in sales of natural hormone replacement therapy supplements (HRT), and progesterone cream herb free of cancer-causing synthetic hormones as found in Premarin and Prempro for perimenopause, menopause symptoms and hot flashes.